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Empowering Your Ideas with Innovatex Techlabs

CNC Machinery Manufacturing

At Innovatex Techlabs, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality CNC machinery that can meet your unique manufacturing needs. Our team of experts can work with you to create a custom solution that fits your budget and timeline.

3D Printing Services

Our 3D printing services allow you to turn your ideas into reality. We use the latest technology and materials to create high-quality 3D prints that meet your exact specifications. Whether you need a prototype or a finished product, we can help.

Design and Prototyping

Our design and prototyping services are designed to help you bring your ideas to life. We can work with you to create a 3D model, test it, and refine it until it meets your exact specifications.

Post Processing

At Innovatex Techlabs, we offer a range of post-processing services to help you get the most out of your 3D prints. From sanding and polishing to painting and finishing, we can help you create a finished product that looks great.

"Innovatex Techlabs is committed to bringing manufacturing back to New Zealand and inspiring independence."

Innovatex Techlabs

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